horse rambles
Wednesday, October 15 (IEA Practice)

Rode Texas! At first I had some trouble getting him going, especially at the canter, but a little motivational crop behind the leg did a world of wonders ;) 

He framed up nicely! During the warm up jump course I had a lot of trouble keeping him going at a steady pace while staying him with at the jumps, but for my real jump course I managed to keep him going and fold with him over the jumps, and also keep my body quieter \m/

We focused a lot on how to figure out how to ride your horse just in the warm up, but I already knew how Tex went more or less. Still, it was good to hear.

Work on:

  • quiet body
  • leg on in half seat
  • learning how to ride horse in a warm up jump
Tuesday, October 14 (Pam)

Rode Fame today! He’s a very interesting pony, he moves and bobs his head like he’s limping except he’s not, and then when you press him to go faster, he goes a bit faster, but he still just feels slow. :/

Going to the right on him was hard, but to the left he was pretty good. I had to work on quieting down my body so I wasn’t distracting and angering him as much, and it was hard at first but I was starting to figure it out at the end

Work on:

  • quieting arms and upper body
Monday, October 13 (Katie)

I rode Timmy today!

In general I did really well. We did a bit of no stirrup work and a bit of work on pace (keeping it consistent and effortless at hand gallop, working canter, etc etc) 

I don’t really have much to say except for that Timmy is sooo uncomfortable to trot to and that I did pretty well !!

Work on:

  • being quieter with my body, especially my arms + upper body
Monday, October 13 (IEA Show)

oh my gosh! So today I rode realllyyy well! I rode a cute little paint called Squiggles for both my jump and flat. My jump course was super good! My flat was pretty good (the judge had some weird obsession w the sit trot but luckily my pony was pretty smooth) except Pam said it looked like I was trying too hard. 

(Does anyone get annoyed when they’re told they shouldn’t look like they’re working hard?? because like I *am* working hard and I want everyone to be aware of it, goddammit. I’m determined for this ribbon and I want ppl to know it. idk)

Anyways, I placed sixth for jump and nothing for flat, out of ten. Kind of annoying. The judge was being really inconsistent and not judging fairly at all, though. So I’m over it.

Wednesday, October 8 (IEA Practice)

I rode Legs. Thought I might’ve wanted to lease her but I ended up deciding on Nate instead.

Bry had schooled her right before I rode so I pretty much just pointed her at a jump and she’d go over it

She was nice I guess

Tuesday, October 7

well, after crying for about an hour I had to ride

I rode Honey and we did some jump courses on her

everything went pretty smoothly idk I’m still so caught up on Salty I don’t even know what to say about my lesson

work on

  • not getting left behind at jumps I guess
RIP Salty
Monday, October 6 (Katie)

Note: Salty is still sick. He’s no better, but he also hasn’t gotten worse. 

Today I rode Zoe’s personal horse, Nate! Oh my god he is one fine show horse. Like, that’s a horse. dang

The lesson was pretty generic, we didn’t work on anything new, but I got to know Nate and I practiced keeping the same pace during the canter, and doing 8 strides of half seat and 8 strides of sitting and keeping the same pace. I was fine keeping him at a consistent pace, but a lot of the time he was consistently underpaced :/

work on:

  • keeping a consistent, working canter
  • relaxing body, stretching legs down, making it look like I’m not working so hard 


pictures of me flatting killian! 


photos of me showing Dino at the show today! photos taken by my friend Em <3